Shipping Estimate Terms of Acceptance

All Shipping Estimates provided by Landscape Tools LLC are only estimates based on the information we have been provided. All Shipping Estimates are based solely on the completeness and accuracy of the all information provided by the customer to Landscape Tools LLC. We are not responsible in anyway whatsoever for any additional charges, including the "Shipping Estimate" we provide, that any shipper or carrier may levy against a shipment or consignee (recipient).

NOTE: International, over weight and oversized orders will not show a shipping rate, these rates will be calculated after the order is received and added to the order. A representative from Landscape Tools LLC will contact you to verify and obtain approval for  the calculated shipping rate, prior to placing and finalizing the order.

If any information provided by the customer is not correct, incomplete or inaccurate in anyway whatsoever, this may result in additional shipping, delivery and handling charges above the "Shipping Estimate" we've provided. In addition to the Shipping Estimate amount, all additional delivery, shipping and handling charges are the responsibility of the purchaser and will be charged to the credit card provided for that order.

It is the sole responsibility of the purchaser to provide, verify and confirm the accuracy of all shipping and delivery information provided for each Shipping Estimate they request. Each purchaser agrees to pay the "Shipping Estimate" amount and any additional delivery, shipping and handling charges related to the information they have provided.

Shipping, delivery and handling charges of any kind whatsoever, including Shipping Estimates, are not refundable.

Any questions or problems, contact Landscape Tools at