Landscape Tip of the Month

JANUARY — Cut dead trees, remove dead wood. Clear views.

FEBRUARY — Plan projects for next spring. Think about winter landscapes.

MARCH — Prune. Buy firewood for next year. Arrange for lawn maintenance.

APRIL — Clean up month. Check for winter damage. Transplant large trees.

MAY — Plant trees, establish lawns, weed & feed.

JUNE — Build & maintain decks & patios, lighting & sprinkler systems.

JULY — Prune early season bloomers like forsythia. Dead head perennials.

AUGUST — Water, water, water, especially berries. Install a sprinkler system.

SEPTEMBER — Establish full lawns, fertilize, divide perennials, treat for birch leaf miner.

OCTOBER — Still a great time to plant shrubs & bulbs for next year.

NOVEMBER — Prime tree planting time.

DECEMBER — Arrange for plowing and tree removal. Order firewood.